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The new Italo-American deli GOODMAN & FILIPPO not only offers food that’s moving with the trend, but it’s also absolutely delicious – specialties from two countries, Italy and the USA. Here the focus is certainly on freshness and quality. The menu includes really good steaks, pizza and pasta, as well as other exciting bestsellers: for instance the New York surf & turf burger, chicken club sandwiches or a pimped-up detox salad with walnuts and parmesan. Freshly pressed fruit or veggie smoothies and carefully selected wines are perfect to wash down the goodies and round off the concept perfectly. You can enjoy all this in a stylish Italo-American setting with a vintage flair – or simply grab something “to go”. What’s more, you can also pick up Italian and American specialities as ideal food souvenirs.

T1 / B Departures, Public area

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